(Envisioning our future Nation Builders…Listening to the hearts of Children & Youth of India & the Diaspora.)

Building Responsible Citizens for India of 2047

In line with the vision and thought embedded in Article 51A of the Constitution of India and the National Youth Policy objectives, our current project is titled “INDIA DREAMS 2047”.

A million dreams
  • Children: below age 18 years, Youth: 15-29 years, as per the National Youth Policy
  • 1/4th or 25% Indians are adolescents, between 10 & 19 years of age
  • 28% of Indians are between 15-29 years of age – contributing to 34% of India GNI – Gross National Income
  • 1/2 or 50% of Indians are below 25 years of age – Children & Youth
  • 29 years will be the average age of an Indian by 2020
  • 2/3rd or 65% of Indians are below 35 years of age – Children & Youth

We are motivating children and youth of all sections of society across our nation to DREAM for India and BUILD for India. Children & Youth will express their aspirations, thoughts, ideas and commitment to action through essays, poetry, songs and paintings about their DREAMS and planned DEEDS.

This year, we will focus on encouraging children & youth to contribute their suggestion, vision and dream for India 2047 along with their commitment to action through short essays, poems, song lyrics, song compositions, paintings, music, speeches, short films & videos by children on what each one of them dreams for their nation and what they will do for the nation starting now. Each essay will be not more than 200 words. Each of the children and youth’s contribution of suggestions & commitment would be posted on the Project website which will be curated over the years. Each of the participants will continue to be a part of the nation-wide project over the next decades as they grow to see their collective dreams fulfilled.


Every year, we will release a coffee table book titled INDIA DREAMS 2047 over the next 28-31 years leading up to our Centenary Celebration of our Independence Day and our Republic Day. This coffee table book will be presented to the leaders & influencers of our Nation: Captains of Governance – The President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Union Cabinet Ministers, State Chief Ministers, Members of Parliament, MLAs of each State; Captains of Industry – Industrialists, Businessmen, heads of business associations; Captains of Education – Chancellors & Vice Chancellors of Universities, Directors & Principals of Schools and Colleges; among many others.

We need to seed thoughts and facilitate our nation’s children and youth and inspire them to dream, act and excel in every sphere of life, individually and collectively. This will finally lead India to break the entrenched cycle of poverty & inequity, developing us into a strong economic super power and leader-influencer in the comity of nations by 2047.


1.32 Billion Indians : 1 Cause – Unity in Diversity

The Nation Building Project “India Dreams 2047” aims to reach out to every Indian child, youth, and through them their families across India, and to the Indian Diaspora and persons of Indian origin across the globe, through ongoing waves of initiatives over several years. The project will cut through the urban-rural, socio-economic, geographic, cultural and other divides to unite the nation and its people. We will impart and kindle a spirit of patriotism and a love for this nation in the hearts of every member of our next generation, the impact of which will last a life time!


  1. Please express one specific dream, thought or idea that you personally believe will make a difference to India. In the example given below, it was clearly expressed “I want to see the stars from my home in Gurgaon”.
  2. Please put down practical steps that you can and you will take in order to lead the way to making this dream happen. Please refer to the example given below. “I will plant as many trees as I can and I will try to make everyone else also plant trees.”
  3. Please do not write things that ask the “Government” or the “Community” should do this etc, etc,…
  4. This is about your dream for India and what steps, big or small, that you can take to making this dream happen. Again refer to the example given below. When Raya plants trees, she can inspires others in her school and colony and because of her actions, many more children and adults will be conscious about their environment and take positive steps towards a green, clean and pollution free India.

Please see below an excellent example of how you can articulate your dream for India of 2047 and what you will do to build for India.

Raya Kejriwal is 7 years old, studies in Heritage School, learns music at the Lorraine Music Academy and lives in Gurugram, NCR of Delhi.

Raya’s Dream for India of 2047:
“I want to see the stars, not from the hills or on holiday but from my house in Gurgaon.”

Raya’s Deeds for India of 2047:
“To achieve this dream, I will find out what is causing this pollution and figure out a way to stop it. I will also tell people that using unnecessary lights causes light pollution and wastes electricity. Less lights at night will let night life live well and help me to see the stars.
In the future, I want there to be a lot of greenery in Indian cities. For this I will plant as many trees as I can and I will try to make everyone else also plant trees.”

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We would like to involve you in the journey of LAMP™ Trust in building our Nation’s soft power. Our Nation’s greatest resource and comparative advantage in the comity of Nations is our youth. We have the potential to be the greatest nation in a few decades. Together, we will inspire and motivate children and youth of all sections of society across our nation to DREAM for India and BUILD for India.

Let us develop a desire to transform ourselves from being good citizens to great Indians as we collectively build a Great India of 2047.

Please fill up this Contest Form to express your aspirations, thoughts, ideas and commitment to action about your DREAMS and DEEDS.

The best expressions will be awarded a Certificate and get included in our Annual INDIA DREAMS 2047 Coffee Table Book.

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    Fundamental Duties of every Citizen of India:

    “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.”
    – Article 51A(j) of the Constitution of India

    LAMP™ is registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 (Regn. No: 19238 | 2010-11 | Gurugram, Haryana), with a mandate to promote & develop the Creative Arts – Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts & Literary Arts. LAMP™’s mandate, objectives & projects comes under the Government of India mandated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) regulations – under the Development Sector of Impact “HA&C” : Promotion of National Heritage, Art & Culture. LAMP™ focuses on building Responsible Citizenship through Nation Building Projects utilizing Music, Art & Culture based on Fundamental Duties of every Citizen of India, as detailed in Article 51A of the Constitution of India. We seek in every artistic way, to ignite this patriotic fervour in society through our concepts, projects, related events and initiatives.

    On 10th August 2017, Aubrey spoke about India@2047 at the Independence Day eve Concert held at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon.

    “LAMP™ Trust focuses on promoting music, art & culture and through that strand of Nation Building impact the character of the youth to help them build the India of our future – the India of 2047. It is going to be 100 years in the year 2047. You have a 10 year old girl who will be 40 in 2047. These are our future Nation Builders…..”

    Aubrey speaks about 2047 during his interview on ZEE Group’s WION TV on 15August2017….

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